Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Temporary Changes to Kresge Library Assignment/Exam Services & TEXTPAK pickup (Dec. 14 - Jan. 11

The Kresge Library Services offices are being remodeled to accommodate the Office of Digital Education staff joining our suite (K4511).  To accommodate this work, we will be relocating our service point and staff offices to the Executive Residence's 2nd Floor hallway corridor from Friday, December 14th through Friday, January 11th.  

This will impact both Kresge's Assignment/Exam Services and the student pickup of TEXTPAKS.  We are not sure if we will be able to accept book deliveries from the main library at this time.

Here is a listing of key dates for this move.  These are subject to change:
  • Thursday December 13th - Last day to operate in Kresge Library Services Suite (K4521)
  • Friday December 14th - Move operations to the 2nd Floor Corridor (the offices closest to the Blau connector).  Students will go there to review documents and Faculty Support should go there to deliver items to distribute.
  • Monday December 19th - Course materials go on sale to students (notification through Canvas)
  • Friday December 21st - Our last day open for 2018.
  • Wednesday January 2nd - We open up after the holidays.
  • Monday January 7th - First day for students to pickup TEXTPAKs for Winter Term (in 2nd Floor Corridor).
  • Monday January 14th - Return to Kresge Library Services Suite (K4521) and normal operations.

If you have not submitted your WN19 course materials, please complete the form ( right away. Late submission may take longer to finalize due to the move to the interim space and the move back to K4511 (staff will have downtime during both moves in order to take down and then set-up their cubicles).

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