Thursday, November 7, 2019

Copyright Events

Nov. 11th, 2 p.m., "Copyright and Coffee: Negotiating Publishing Contract"
Location: Shapiro 4004 (TAFR)
Description: At this workshop, you will learn useful negotiation concepts and skills that you can employ in your professional as well as personal life. You will also learn some basics of US copyright law and important terms you should look out for in a publishing contract. There will be two fun negotiation exercises for you to pair up and try out your skills.

Nov. 12th, 12 p.m., "New EU Copyright Directive: Stifling Expression by Shifting Infringement Liability to Content-Sharing Platforms"
Location: Law School Hutchins Hall 116
Description: The new highly debated EU Copyright Directive was adopted in May 2019, and EU Member states will have two years to implement its provisions in their national Law. One of the most debated elements of the new Copyright Directive is Article 17, which establishes a new liability regime for for-profit content-sharing platforms. Jancic will address the issues that EU Member States will need to consider to protect users' rights as much as possible in the process of implementing the new regime. Lunch will be served.

Nov. 13th, 2:30 p.m., "Can machine created works enjoy copyright protection in the EU?"
Location: Hatcher Clark Presentation Space
Description: Countries all over the world are trying hard to figure out how to handle works created by Artificial Intelligence. Join 
Slovenian copyright scholar Maja Bogataj Jancic to find out more about the EU approach.
There will also be a small group discussion led by Maja on Nov. 12, entitled "New EU Copyright Exception for Education." Space is limited; please contact if you are interested in this event. 

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

New Academic Platform and Features Academic, a great resource for market research reports, has added some new functionality and updated their user interface. The next time you visit, you will see:

  1. New full-text search engine – the Academic service now offers full text searching inside the body of the entire research document to find keywords that are perhaps not mentioned in the title or abstract of the reports. This vastly increases the relevance of the search engine and the capabilities to find useful content from deep within the report.
  2. Improved accessibility and appearance – the new service has been designed to meet the standards of AA Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. Accessibility is extremely important to the vendor and the new accessibility enhancements allows the site to be used by a wider audience. Academic can be accessed via the Library's A-Z Database page.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Kresge Library Services Fall Instruction Sessions

Kresge Library Services offers instruction sessions to assist you in your research needs.  Current sessions include:

  • Kresge Library Databases Overview
    Learn to find vital company, industry and financial information for class assignments (including Strategy) in Kresge Library databases.This session covers D&B Hoovers, IBISWorld, Marketline and Factiva (Wall Street Journal), and shows you when, where and how to get help.
  • Kresge Library Resources for Your Off-Campus Job SearchThis session covers Vault Campus, Going Global, D&B Hoovers and CareerBeam. Find  company information for interviews and learn how to compile lists of companies to target.

    More info at the Kresge Library Services website

Monday, August 19, 2019

WRDS Downtime Scheduled for Aug 23rd 2019

The WRDS technical infrastructure will be undergoing a major upgrade from 8:00 - 11:00 AM EDT (GMT -4) on Friday, Aug 23rd 2019. During this time, most WRDS services will be unavailable. The website should only be inaccessible for 30 minutes near the beginning, but interactive services -- including the WRDS Cloud, SAS/Connect, SAS/Studio, Python, R, MATLAB, Stata, etc -- will be offline for the full duration of the window. Unique to this downtime only, all WRDS Cloud grid jobs -- both batch and interactive -- will be terminated. Please plan your research accordingly!

This is being done as part of a large-scale effort to upgrade WRDS infrastructure to the latest hardware and network configuration, to provide the best large-scale research platform we can. We hope you notice faster code execution, data access, and network response. Thank you very much for your patience while we work to improve our platform for you.

Friday, August 16, 2019

Fall Copyright Workshops 2

Copyright and Coffee: Public Domain

Oct 15th, 2-3p.m. Hatcher 806, Hatcher Graduate Library South

Please join us for coffee and to learn about copyright and the public domain. 
What is the public domain and how can you determine whether a work has entered the
public domain? You will learn how works enter the public domain and where you can 
find public domain works. This 60-minute workshop from Justin Bonfiglio of the 
U-M Library Copyright Office will focus primarily on the public domain but will
 also cover additional copyright-related topics, including Creative Commons licenses 
and fair use. All are welcome. Please register via TeachTech or by contacting 
Yuanxiao at See the MLibrary website for more information.

Copyright and Your Dissertation: Don’t Get Spooked! 
Oct 31st, 2-3p.m. Clark Library Presentation Space
Have you ever wondered what is the difference between copyright infringement and 
plagiarism? Do you know when it’s okay to use copyrighted works without permission 
or how to get permission when you need it? Explore these and other questions about
copyright and dissertations in a workshop facilitated by Melissa Levine, Director of the 
U-M Library Copyright Office. This workshop is primarily designed for students in the 
Rackham Graduate School -- all are welcome. Please register via TeachTech or by 
contacting Yuanxiao at See the MLibrary website for more information.

Copyright and Coffee: Publishing Contract
Nov. 11th, 2-3:30p.m. TAFR (Shapiro Undergraduate Library, Room 4004)
Please join us for coffee and to learn about how to negotiate common terms in scholarly
 publishing agreements in a workshop facilitated by Yuanxiao Xu of the U-M Library
 Copyright Office. This workshop will focus on publishing contracts for journal articles.
 After a brief discussion of negotiation techniques, some fun negotiation exercises, and 
an overview of the law in this area, participants will have the option to negotiate a mock
 publishing contract. All are welcome. Please register via TeachTech or by contacting 
Yuanxiao at See the MLibrary website for more information.

Fall Copyright Workshops

Copyright and Coffee: Copyright Essentials
Sept 17th, 10-11a.m. TAFR (Shapiro Undergraduate Library, Room 4004)
Have you ever wondered whether you are allowed to use someone else’s work? Or whether you have a copyright in a work that you have created? If you are not entirely sure how copyright works, this is the workshop for you. Sip some coffee as we discuss the basics of copyright law in the US. This 90-minute workshop from Yuanxiao Xu of the U-M Library Copyright Office will cover copyright concepts from the public domain to fair use. All are welcome. Please register via TeachTech or by contacting Yuanxiao at See the MLibrary website for more information.

Copyright and Coffee: the Open Access Publishing Trap Game
Oct. 3rd, 2-3:30p.m. TAFR (Shapiro Undergraduate Library, Room 4004)
Play a game over coffee and learn about Open Access! The Publishing Trap is a game about research dissemination and scholarly communication in higher education. The game follows the academic career of four characters who, at each stage in their career, from dissertation to tenure, are presented with a series of decisions. The game will be led by Raven Lanier. All are welcome. Please register via TeachTech or by contacting Yuanxiao at See the MLibrary website for more information.

Monday, August 5, 2019

Simmons OneView is now Simmons Insights

Simmons OneView has undergone a name change and interface update. Simmons Insights still provides access to the same demographic, psychographic and media use characteristics of users of products, brands and services, but with an updated look.

This database is limited to Ross Users and Kresge Library Guests. Users will be required to provide their name and email prior to each session.