Thursday, May 21, 2015

OneSource is now Avention!

OneSource, the go-to database for company information, has a new name and interface! Now called Avention, this database provides the same great company profiles and industry information but with a more powerful search capability and easy to use interface.

New features include:
  • Additional coverage: around 3 million new companies, expanded number of contacts and emails plus additional data points such as technologies (software, etc.) used at a company.
  • Conceptual search: works like a keyword search across all database content including company info.
  • Build-A-List is now Advanced Search: with filtering capabilities on just about every data point and keyword. The search results look nicer, the downloading is a bit easier to figure out. The email viewing restrictions have been removed. 
  • Business Signals: analysis of company operations, actions and changes from social media, news, and other resources within the database.
Avention is available on the Library's A-Z Database page.

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